Freak me out

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So I am sure you are bracing yourself for the great ice storm of 2010 just like we are! Yesterday I hit Lowes and Big Lots (I was seriously trying to avoid Wal-Mart and the grocery store at all cost!) and bought just a few last minute supplies just in case we do find ourselves without power this weekend. I bought deicer for the steps and windshield wipers, batteries (which John later told me I bought WAY too many, but I figure what the heck!), bottled water (only because everyone else had it in their basket and I didn't want to look unprepared!), a new lantern, and some puzzles. And to add more fun to our adventure we have a kid from our youth group staying with us this week so it looks like we will be hanging out at home tomorrow! And just because we don't have enough going on a group from Ozark is staying with us Saturday night! Let's just pray we have power!

I had a big appointment yesterday with an OB to discuss my lab results as we prepare for having a baby. Everything was perfect except 2 genetic genes. He wasn't convinced that either of these would case me to have miscarriages, but is sending me for further genetic testing. He said that he honestly thought I just had bad luck! He was Russian which was pretty funny because he kept dropping the f-bomb which made both John and I giggle. I don't think he quite understood what it meant or that it was an inappropriate word to use. I think he just knew it was a strong word and was trying to express that! So we know nothing more that we did before, but I am feeling much better. I am going to our family doctor today because I still cannot get over this cough and my ears are still hurting even after I completely finished my antibiotics for strep. He is also a baby doctor but is just not delivering this year so I want to show him my lab results and talk to him about my options as well.

So hope you ladies are staying warm and safe over the next few days! And Jac hope you are having a blast!