Freak me out

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So.... I had to get fingerprinted for my state teaching license (not getting a new job just more qualified for my current job!). I went down to our town's finest facility to get fingerprinted. I met a young woman probably my age who was going to fingerprint me. She was in this little room off to the side when you walked in. I thought oh, this is going to be quick and easy. Wrong. So she proceeds to empty my pockets and take me back into the jail. Great. So there is another room I have to go to. No big deal. Wrong. I have to go through 4 locked doors and past 5-6 men in the attractive orange suits. Then we get to the last room that is pretty much FULL of these lovely men in orange suits.

I am not sure that you are getting the full picture of this situation. So let me describe what I am wearing. I have on my open toe patent leather heels, my pencil skirt, a cute little suit jacket, and today of all days was a day I decided to wear my hair and big pretty curls. I was totally legally blond walking into the jail cell! They start hollering at me like a bunch of idiots! "Whatchu in for baby?" I, terrified, followed VERY closely to the woman (who I forgot to mention was probably a size 2 115 pounds!) who proceeded to yell, "Up against the wall!" to these men. Lucky for me, they listened!

She locks me into a smaller room and takes my fingerprints. I feel guilty for even being here! I am shaking like a leaf! I proceed to tell her I promise to never, ever, ever see her face again! She laughed at me and tried to make small talk, but I was too terrified! When she was finished I followed her (again so close that I kicked the back of her shoe!) back out past the men in the lovely orange suits and stepped over what I am pretty sure was a puddle of urine! I thanked for her time and literally ran out the door to my car! I poured an entire bottle of germ-X on my hands and breathed a sigh of relief! Let me just tell you jail is NOT for me! I promise to never even speed again!

Stupid teaching certificate!