Freak me out

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Throughout our journey to become parents one thing that has been apparent to me through the whole ordeal is that infertility and/or pregnancies are emotional. It's like if for some reason you cannot have children or lose your child, then you are less of a woman. Being a mom is something that I have always wanted. I know that God intends for me to be a mother. It emotional when things are going good and when things are going bad.

I am sorry I am being very vague with you all today. I do have a few things to share in the next few days, but in the meantime just be patient! So just hang in there!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Month!

The past month for the Haslers has been crrraaazzy! At the end of last semester our youth minister resigned at just about the same time John and I had decided that we were going to step back from youth ministry for a while. John was asked to take on a new ministry at our church in the fall. He is serving as the Healthy Living Ministery Team Leader. This added a bit of craziness to our life. We started off the year with flag football, which overlapped into volleyball, which overlapped into basketball. On top of the athletics we have been planning our first heath fair that will take place next month and our annual 5k. So, we thought that this was were God wanted our focus to be for a while. Then Mike resigned and it was like, well, we aren't going anywhere for a while! :) So I have been teaching on Wednesday nights at our Axis night (Jr. High and Sr. High) on top of leading our home group on Sunday nights.

Our senior pastor called me last month and asked if I would serve on the committee to search for a new youth pastor. Since I am nosey anyway, I agreed! I hadn't realized the magnatude that would come from this job. So needless to say that is why I haven't been updating! I do good at facebook because I can access it on my phone at work (shhh! don't tell!), but blogging is hard to find time to do! So please forgive me! I will try to do better!

I hope all is well with you guys!