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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

St. Louis Camera 1

This past weekend John and I took off to spend a few days in St. Louis. We both took off Friday and Monday so that we could have an extended weekend! We left Friday morning and went to a baseball game Friday night. This post will be about the pictures from Camera one. For those who know us well, you know we took our "good" camera and the point and shoot camera that John trusts me to carry in my purse since I have lost 2 very nice point and shoot cameras since we have been married! :) These are from my crummy camera!

We seriously ate $40 worth of food at the game! Then we bought ice cream bars at the hotel gift shop and spend the rest of the night being lazy.
Then Saturday we slept in and tried to go on a romantic paddleboat ride that I had planned. You see, John sanded through his wedding band while sanding the hardwood floors. So, I ordered him a new one and was going to surprise him on Saturday and give him his new ring. But then apparently everyone and their dog was also trying to spend the day at Forrest Park. I am not kidding you it is a HUGE park and we could not find a spot to park for 20 minutes. So we gave up and went to Union Station. I am not not a good secret keeper so his ring was burning a hole in my pocket!!!

We shopped around a bit and bought 3.5 lbs of fudge... yes 3.5 lbs! That is about 9 lbs of fat on your butt! Then we went and walked around the arch. John found it funny to take pictures of me taking pictures! Ha!

It was really sweet. The sun was starting to set over the river by the arch. We were walking around holding hands and taking pictures. Me, being the intellegent being that I am, forgot the ring in my other pants... so seriously perfect moment to give John his ring and I forgot it!

Sunday we went to a Rams game. Our original seats were so high that I was seriously getting ill. So I scouted us some better seats during the first quarter and we claimed them for the rest of the game. Which turned out nicely. We got expensive seats for the price of the nose-bleeds!

More to come once I get the other camera! :)