Freak me out

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sad Day...

I ran over a squirrel on my way to work this morning.... I cried all the way to work! I am the person everyone else on the road hates. Yes I brake for squirrels, cats, dogs, birds and any other creature that has the courage to attempt to cross the road. I have in fact gotten out of my car and chased animals out of the road. I am just that kind of person. The Sarah McLaughlin commercials make me whimper like a newborn. Yet this morning, on MY street a squirrel literally came out of nowhere and THUD I ran over it! I looked back in my rear view mirror to see his four little legs reaching for the sky. The worst part of it all is I saw his little friend running after him! I now will have to drive past that thing many times a day until he... huhmm.... decomposes!!!! I called John to see if he would go get it and bury it, he said I was on my own if I was going to be scooping up roadkill to bring home. He's mean.

Hope your day started better than mine!