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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friend, Babies, and Pasta!

Sunday night I went to spend some much needed "roommate" time. We still call each other roommates even though we haven't actually lived together for several years now! Our sweet Wyatt was born 5 weeks ago and we had not gotten to all be together since he left the hospital. Jaclyn and I meet and rode together and then we headed over to Laura's house bearing dinner!

When we got there we got to see this sweet baby boy!

So we held him....
And held him....

And held him some more!!!!

It was sooooo wonderful to get to spend such precious time together without any interruptions or men... who usually are the interuptions. :) It's crazy how we can go weeks without seeing each other but when we are together its like we still lve together! Man, how I missed this wonderful ladies and am soooo glad to have them back on the same continent!

Love you B.B.s!