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Friday, May 25, 2012

9 weeks of suffering

John and I are wrapping up our third week of crazy workouts. We have promised ourselves to complete the 9 week Insanity Program alongside the 9 week Couch to 5k Program to get our personal best 5K times. So far I am pretty impressed with our commitment. We have held each other accountable and it is paying off!

Week 1 Summary:
It was certainly difficult to complete the Insanity workouts. I felt myself huffing and puffing through each workout and trying my hardest to come up with an excuse for why I couldn't work out that night. John would not let me.... The running program was pretty easy. Honestly I looked forward to the running. At least it wasn't Insanity!

Week 2 Summary:
I can actually see the scale moving in the RIGHT direction! I am really looking forward to the fit test and measurements/weigh-in at the end of the week! I am still huffing and puffing, but at least I wait until after the warm-up! :) Running is still going really good. Saturday I ran my PR 5K with John. I puked at the end. It was awesome. I have to shave 5 minutes of my time in the next 7 weeks.

Week 3 Summary:
Amazing results! I lost "offically" 6.5 pounds (8 pounds if you let me use my morning weight). And many many inches off my body. I don't just hate Insanity anymore. In fact it's not too shabby. I like it more now that my clothes fit better. Running is picking up in intensity, but I still really enjoy it! We are traveling this weekend so it should be interesting to get our work-outs in. I bet we can do it though!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Gatlin Reid,

Some days you make me want to pull my hair out... You refuse to let me do anything but hold you. You cry if I sit you down. You cry if I feed you, then once you realize you actually like what I am feeding you, you cry when I stop feeding you. Then nap time rolls around you get angry if I am trying to get you comfortable sleeping in your pack-n-play for our weekend trip....

Then I walk in and see your sweet little self peacefully sleeping in said pack-n-play and I smile. It's ok if I end up bald, because truly you are the cutest baby in the world!