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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Day of Blogging for Sweet Baby Cohen!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yucky Home improvement Projects!

Ok I have to admit I love home improvement projects! It is in my blood! We are really trying hard to get our house done before Christmas and so we have been working very diligently towards that goal. We recently discovered that we have beautiful hardwood floors under our carpets so we yanked them out and have been trying to re stain the floors darker than what they are. The first room we started in is the nursery. Let me just give you a little summary of what we have been through.

First I sanded them. Then John and I put on a coat of stain with a paint brush. It was probably 2 o'clock in the morning when we got finished and then I heard it thundering. I was worried that it would rain in the open windows and so I tried to "tip-toe" around the corners of the room and close the windows. This didn't work. So then until 3:30 in the morning I tried to fix my foot prints. It looked terrible. But before we could re-do it they had to dry. This took seriously a week to dry in this humidity. Then I re-sanded the floors. Then I got pregnant and John decided he could handle staining the floors. I bought this nifty floor staining mop that DID NOT WORK! It left the floors streaky and I was ready hire someone to finish them!

After the miscarriage I decided I would try to put on a second coat by hand to even things out. This actually seemed to work. Again it takes 3-4 days to dry! Then I put a third coat of stain and I am very pleased with the results! They finally dried last night and tonight I put the first coat of polyurethane tonight! So hopefully they will dry over the next day (fingers crossed!) and then we can put the final coat on them in time for them to dry before my in-laws stay with us this weekend! If not they are going to have to stay in a RV in our drive way! How very Griswald Family Christmas of us I know!

Here is what the nursery looks like tonight! Granted now I will have to re-paint because John got a little wild and crazy when I left him alone with the stain! And also note that we will have to put up new baseboards when we are finished!

Notice the Footprint on the wall!

They aren't as dark as they look in the first picture!

We have also pulled up the carpet in our bedroom.

So now here is where we are sleeping... in the office.... with the xbox.... and the desk.... and the couch..... and all of the furniture from our bedroom!

And Here is where our shoes are.... in the living room by the front door since we are stain the closets too!

Our house is a crazy crazy place to be! But boy will it be pretty when it is done!!!!

This weekend while my in-laws are visiting I plan to finish some projects outside!