Freak me out

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It is truly embarrassing when your aunt and uncle take you to the park and they each bring their big honkin cameras. Seriously, what's wrong with bringing the little cameras?


Yesterday was a tremendous victory for me on my journey to my half-marathon. Easter week killed my training. We were at the church 9 nights in a row. This meant there was very little time to eat right much less exercise. John, Jason, and David ran 23 miles yesterday in preparations for their marathon. I ran the farthest I have ever run before! How far you ask? Well I am not exactly sure because yesterday of all days my iPod died. So I was not able to track how far I had run. However, I can tell you that I ran for 1 hour 30 minutes! I only stopped to pee and get a quick drink at my sister's house! I hope your training for the church 5k is going good! If you haven't been training here's a quote for you to get you motivated, "I never regret the runs I do, I only regret the ones I didn't."