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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

First of all let me give a shout out to my anniversary buddy Kelli! What John isn't your anniversary buddy? Ha! Nope! Kelli and Lane got married a year and a day before us! So Kelli and I are anniversary buddies! Happy 4 years to the Moss Family and Happy 3 years to us!

John's little sister is getting married in September and so we have been reminiscing quite a bit about our wedding the past few days. We have had a crazy ride since that day but I have held my hands high in the fun times and gotten white knuckles trying not to fall off in the not so fun times.

So now that I have been married such a long time I have become quite the "expert!" Ha! Hardly, but I do what to share some advise that has gotten us through the past three years.


Amy's Marriage Wisdom:

1. Don't get hung up on the little things.
My blood begins to boil when I get home late from work and find the kitchen a mess and John playing XBox. But I know that he needs time to chill after work too. Instead of harp, maybe it is best to chill for a few minutes with him and then suggest that after dinner you clean the house together. It usually works pretty good for me.

2. ALWAYS give each other a genuine kiss before bed.
Sometimes I can be really mad when we get in bed, but John refuses to let me go to sleep until I am un-mad enough to give him a "real" kiss.

3. Be real with each other.
If you are mad, then be mad! If you are sad or hormonal then be honest about it! But then you also have to be real when it comes to when you have done wrong to the other. This is the sucky part! If you are worried about something, no matter how small it it, let your spouse know! Chances are they will be glad you told them. Of course he may think you are a little silly when you make him go check to make sure there is not a homeless man living in your attic.... Yep, I made him check... in the summer... in Oklahoma! John told me unless he already died from heat exhaustion, there is no one living on our attic! Give me a break! I was pregnant and hormonal!

4. Act like you did when you were dating.
After our crappy week last month we spent a few days together celebrating my birthday. We snuggled in the movies, sat on the same sit of the booth together, and jammed to the radio in the car. We felt like we were teenagers again and I couldn't wait to get home because I was excited that I actually got to live alone with my boyfriend! :) It really renewed our relationship!

5. Little surprises can go a long way.
This morning John surprised me at 5:30 with donuts! It was early, but sweet! We laid in bed and ate our donuts together while trying to defend our breakfast from our sneaky puppy! It really made my day start off great! He is really great at doing things like this!

6. Fast from the world from time to time.
We had a period of a month that we didn't watch any TV. We were required to find things to do together. It was one of the best months of our relationship. Plus our house was really clean!


If you are married, I want to encourage you to surprise your spouse with something small today. It could be a great big hug when he walks through the door, or a big dinner under the stars. Just remind him of why you two are together!

If you are not married, I want to encourage you to wait for the right man comes along. No relationship is perfect, but make your "wish-list" and make sure your future man meets most of your criteria!

Hope you have a great week!