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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Decisions

I am THE WORST decision maker! Plus my husband doesn't help much either. We have been trying to plan out when we are ready to "try again." There are just a few complications that are prompting us to wait another month or two.

First of all, we have managed to tear up EVERY room in our house at the exact same time. Currently our nursery needs to have the closet re-done, our bedroom needs the closet done and new base-boards put back on, and a door to our master bathroom. Our hallway and living room need the floors sanded and stained plus the ceilings painted and new trim done. Our kitchen, it's pretty much ok right now. Our office... well... I pulled up the carpet under the impression that it would have hardwood floors under it just like every other room in the house. Come to find out there is old nasty linoleum glued to the sub floor... no hardwood :( So, we are trying to take up the linoleum so we can build the walk in pantry and closet and lay new carpet. Really it sounds like a ton of work, but in reality we are just looking at a few weeks of dedication.

On top of our house, I have about 10 pounds to lose before I feel like I'm where I should be before we get pregnant. So I signed up for another half-marathon in order to shed the last few pounds. In April training for the half-marathon helped me shed about 12 pounds. I have actually kept it off which makes me very proud of myself. So we will probably be setting our baby making date for around Thanksgiving. Whoo-Hoo! I am so excited and anxious to try again!

In the mean time I am getting to spend sweet time with my BFF Laura and her new sweet baby boy. My sister-in-law will also be giving birth to our first niece at the end of the year. So that will have to hold over my baby fix for a few more months.

In case you were in need of a baby fix today hopefully this will hold you over too! :)