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Friday, June 17, 2011

He is Faithful

I was sitting and talking to John last night and we came up on the subject of our son being a miracle baby. Tears welled up in my eyes as suddenly the entire past two years flooded over me. Had I been so preoccupied over the last month or two that I had forgotten about our son's brothers and sisters? We started talking about how God had blessed us with such an easy pregnancy, and that we felt like we had not really taken the time to enjoy this time.

For the first 12 weeks we were holding our breath. We knew that if we could just make it into the 2nd trimester that we would have made it further than we ever had before! God was faithful. We had made it further than we had ever been before. Still in the backs of our minds we were left wondering if the ceiling was still going to fall in at any moment.

After twelve weeks, it was pretty much a day by day thing for me. Every time I laid my head down I thanked God for allowing me to carry this child another day. God had been faithful. We just wanted to make it to the "viability" day at 24 weeks.

The day we were 24 weeks, my heart smiled. I knew that even if he was born at this point the doctors would at least fight for my baby rather than the "what will happen, will happen" motto. God had been faithful. Each day since had been a blessing. I know that the longer I am able to carry this sweet boy the healthier he will be.

Yet, as a human I begin worrying about the "what-if." What if something tragic were to happen after we bring him home? God is faithful. Our lives are not our own. Our children are not our own. God is faithful. No matter how bad life hurts, He is there. His promises are true. HE IS FAITHFUL!

I pray for each of you today that you would see God's faithfulness in your lives as well. Remember that God loves you and wants to mold us. Sometimes it hurts when the potter is molding us into His perfect masterpiece.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Garage Sales and Baby gear!

This weekend John and I hit up some major garage sales. We decided that we wouldn't spend more than $100 and only on baby gear that we needed. Here are my major finds!

We have a glider for the nursery, but I really wanted to have one for the living room as well. I snagged this glider for $25!

Then ironically my great-grandmother purchased me one for my baby shower, so my lucky sister-in-law will be receiving this!  (savings of at least $100!)

We also knew we would need a few extra car seat bases for grandparents and another car (should we get one in the near future). I snagged this for $5! (savings of $35!)

The biggest find of the day was something that I knew I needed, but was really not looking forward to shelling out the cash for! I got this Medela Pump in style for.... get this..... $20!
I pretty much bought it out from under some poor guy that was trying to call his wife! (Savings of $260!!!!) I know it may be gross for some people, but me? Nah! Nothing a good bleaching, sterilizing, and alcohol can't take care of! The lady still had the box. She was a stay at home mom and really didn't use it much. But she gave me bags of bottles and extra parts too! I was pretty "pumped" about this purchase!

The greatest lesson I learned this week is unless it is something that "must" be purchased new, don't do it! Your baby won't know the difference if you spent $400 on a crib or $50! Save your money for other things and don't let your baby break the bank!