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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Newest member of our family!

We are proud to present our newest "member" of our family!

Attached is a photo of Mufano Kazungu! He is our adopted Compassion International child!

Here is his info!

Birthday: February 1, 2003
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Region: Africa
Country: Kenya
Program: Victoria Baptist Church Child Development Center

Personal and Family Information:
Mufano lives with his mother. His duties at home include carrying water. There are 4 children in the family. His mother maintains the home.

Soccer is Mufano's favorite activity. In kindergarten his performance is average and he also regularly attends church activities.

If you would like to adopt a child like Mufano. Please go here

Your monthly contribution will provide:

* Ongoing Christian training
* Educational opportunities
* Treatment & training to maintain child health
* Development of self-confidence & social skills
* Key life skills & vocational programs


  1. That's so great! He has such a handsome smile! :)

  2. he was only one of the few kids out of thousands that was smiling! I thought it would appropriate for us to pick a kids with a big smile since John as crater sized dimples!

  3. you know mckmama's in kenya this week! maybe she's meetingg him :)

  4. He's a cute little guy! We have a little girl in Uganda...well, she's not so little anymore, but that's okay. Congrats on your new "member" of the family!

  5. how sweet! we have a little girl in guatemala, but like maggie's, she's not so little anymore! it's such a joy!