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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our House: Nursery

I have been majorly blocked when it comes to writing a new blog post. I pretty much figured writing about my daily routine (feed, change diaper, play, lather, rinse, repeat) is a little dull so I figured I would give you a tour of the Hasler house as we are getting very very close to completing our renovations. It has only taken us two years to get here! ha!

First up is the Nursery:

Here's the before

Hideous fan

Icky paint colors

Non-functional closet!

NASTY carpet! 

Here's the after:

New organized closet!

Hand-painted canvas

Yes... I took these while Gat was sleeping! And yes he has a mild addiction to mobiles!

We spend lots of time in this comfy chair! 

Picture of Busch Stadium and Gatlin's personal favorite... The Jerry Rice clock!

New doors! 

And gorgeous new floors! 

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