Freak me out

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have no excuses for not blogging.... but I haven't been blogging because.... being a stay at home mom is so much more work than I had anticipated! Don't get me wrong, I love love love my new job, I just had very high expectations of what I would be able to accomplish while I was home! John had to sit me down and have a little pep talk with me, and I quote, "I don't expect you to re-shingle the roof while I am at work!" Somehow my little big man takes more work that I had remembered from maternity leave!

I finally feel like we are getting into a good flow of things now though. Gatlin had to spend 4 nights in the hospital the week before Christmas and that totally ruined any sense of a schedule that we had working for us. It took a good 2 weeks to establish, that yes, we have to take naps, and yes we have to sleep alone in our own crib.

I also feel like I clean the kitchen no less than 3 times a day.... I am not sure how or why it works that way, but nonetheless I feel like I am constantly cleaning my kitchen! Have I ever mentioned that I am a very gold, type-A, analytical person? Especially when it comes to cleaning!!! I have to clean my house in a certain order. Kitchen, then living room, then the hall bath, nursery, office, then master bath and bathroom. I am not sure why I can't clean out of this order, but I just can't! So needless to say our office and master bedroom and bath remain a disaster!!! I think I may try reversing the order for a while, but then I couldn't stand it if my kitchen and living room weren't clean... So probably won't happen.

In other news. In a few weeks we will have another sweet baby during the day. Our sweet nephew Lincoln will be spending his days with Gatlin and me. I am very excited for when the boys are big enough to actually "play" together. I am not going to lie. I am a little nervous about having two babies, but I think after a few weeks we will get into a good routine! I also know that I would rather him be with me than anyone else (besides his mom!), so I am glad to be able to offer this to Caitlin and Cameron.

Our days are filled with lots of cuddles and laughter and I am such a blessed mom and wife!


  1. This is a great way to maintain a clean house for 15 min a day. I cleaned mine on a Sat and then started using this schedule on Monday and have been keeping up with it!

    1. he is so adorable! i would love to get together before i have to go back to work... :)

  2. Love his smile!!! I can't say I'm ready to leave my boy all day...stupid work! But I am SOO thankful you are able to do this for us :)