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Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding Dash!

This past weekend we made a mad dash to St. Louis for this lovely couple's wedding!  John's cousin Bryanne got married on Saturday.  I was honored to be their photographer for the day as well! We left Friday morning and returned Sunday night. It's a long haul for the little guy, but he had a lot of fun. Saturday was pretty much non-stop for me between the salon, church, and reception. Gatlin and John had some quality time for just the two of them while I was taking pictures.

The men had all three of the babies from our family in the balcony during the wedding. It was pretty funny to hear them laughing and screaming during the ceremony. They tried hard, but it's hard to be quiet when you are having so much fun!

Gatlin was so well behaved all day, but by the time the reception rolled around he was done. I love this picture. It was taken not long after John realized Gatlin had peed on both of them. Ha! I think Gatlin was saying, "Mom, dad forgot to change me again! Help!"

 Gatlin is so lucky to have four of his great grandparents and one great-great grandmother still living. John's grandfather is such a sweet sweet man. Gatlin was very interested in patting his PawPaw on the head while he was holding Lincoln. I think Gatlin was getting a little jealous! 

My mother in law mentioned there probably wasn't a single picture taken of me all night. So this was our awkward faces pictures. Not sure what was going on... it was getting late. :)  

I love traveling, but there really is no place like home!


  1. We loved seeing you there -- but I did take ONE pretty decent picture of you and your hubby - you can grab it off my FB page if you'd like. I can't WAIT to see all the gazillion pictures YOU took!

    * your crazy Aunt Connie *

  2. We did love having you here, and I was incredibly impressed with how well you and John managed the px and Gatlin. I would definitely be interested in buying a few pictures from the evening if it's ok with Bryanne and Jordan. It was awesome to finally meet Gatlin. His little laugh made my day when I got to spend some time with him after the wedding. He is a jewel. Nancy