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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sometimes the road to recovery can be bumpy.

I was thinking about this Sunday as I waited at the doctor's office AGAIN! Somehow I managed to get bronchitis on top of strep which led to inflammation of my lung/rib cartilage (Costcochondritis). I woke up Sunday convinced I had somehow magically broken my rib during the night. I couldn't even get out of bed. Sometimes it feels like in order to be fully healed you have to go through many bumps in the road. Today after 3 rounds of antibiotics and steroids (No roid-rage yet :) ) I am finally feeling better! Praise God!

But I think this can be applied to many other areas of our lives. When I think through all the times in my life that have been hard I recall that healing didn't take place over night. For example, going through pregnancy loss, my parents' separation, even when John and I broke up in college. Complete healing takes time and sometimes it hurts. Even when we are completely healed there can be scars (Physical and Emotional) left to remind us of our pain. But I think this is just how God intended it to be!

This is pretty much a rambling post because I have had a lot one my mind the last few days. We have a good friend that had been in recovery from cancer find another lump on his neck yesterday. This just makes me feel physically ill for him and his family. I know God can heal but sometimes you just want to holler at God and remind Him of all this family has already been through and that this is not what they needed. But again the road to recovery can be bumpy and painful. Please pray for A and B right now. Kelli you know them, but they have asked that no one say anything right now because their kids don't know yet.

I promise to post a light hearted fun post later. Just needed to get some things off my chest.

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  1. praying! you are such a faithful daughter of the KING in the good and bad. I love you!