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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick update.

Working out has been few and far between, but eating good has been pretty easy! I was laughing pretty hard when I got to girls night and no one had brought unhealthy snacks! Well except for Maggie.... but you know being preggo and all we will let it slide! Anyway, I weighed in Monday morning for our Biggest Loser Challenge at work and I weighed 165.6! That means that I have lost 7.6 lbs! That is including a trip during Spring Break! I am pretty impressed with myself! I plan to lose at least 2.4 lbs this week and then I will have lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks! I can really tell a difference in my britches. You know, when you get certain jeans out of the dryer and you have to "squat" into them. Those particular pair of jeans fit just perfectly Sunday morning. No squatting needed! Hopefully today I will get at least 5 miles in before I go to the church for play practice.



  1. Well, thanks for letting it slide. I'm definitely not the healthy eater you all seem to be...never have been. And since I've been pregnant, my weakness is for any kind of sweets (even more than normal). :)

  2. You girl girl!
    And no, I've forgotten what dryer dried jeans feel like! :)

  3. Funny since you never dried your jeans until you moved in with me and your parents bought us a washer and dryer! I remember in college your jeans would almost stand up by themselves from your mom hanging them to dry!