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Thursday, March 15, 2012

We went park-ing

Since it has been so weirdly beautiful around here, some other moms and I took the little ones to the park! 

Mrs. Eden and Nora flew a kite.

Gatlin was content with watching them fly a kite. 

 Mrs. Ally and Larkin came too! Larkin was a bit obsessed with the swings!

Sweet Hannah kept running laps around the playground while her mom Mrs. Maggie chased her around!


 Gatlin and Cordie were so sweet to share their toys with one another.

I can't say that I am minding this weather! We have had the windows open everyday and getting outside as much as possible! My only concern is if it is already this warm, what does summer hold for us??? Eek. At least I won't be 9 months pregnant... but Gatlin's poor Aunt Sissy will be! 

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